At HW CBD, we genuinely believe in the lifechanging benefits of cannabinoids found in hemp and we are committed to helping our customers understand the science of CBD. We know this is a new concept for many. Hemp has more than 140 known components that have influenced how we think about health, wellness and even medicine.

HW CBD is a locally owned family company. Its proprietors have been involved growing the industry for nearly a decade and helped pass the law allowing for the sale of legal CBD products in Iowa. The HWCBD family strives to create a comfortable educational experience in a safe and caring environment. We are dedicated to assisting our customers in finding a CBD routine that works for them as they begin or continue their health journey.

We believe in the power of cannabis as a component of a healthy lifestyle. Our team is committed to teaching others about CBD and the healing properties it offers while providing it at an affordable price. We offer a line of products with a range of wellness applications. This allows our customers to choose a cannabis product with a concentration and delivery system best suited to meet their needs. We seek to help people by offering the market’s premium, lab tested, certified, and natural CBD products as a component of a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you for your interest HW CBD. Welcome to our family, we look forward to being a part of your CBD journey!  Rick and Threase